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A virus that is unknown and highly contagious has considerably altered our lives; that alone is enough to change how we handle stress and increasing levels of anxiety.  

Here are five self-help holds based in the ancient healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu – simple remedies for managing chronic stress that require only your attention and your hands.  

1. Self Help Bladder Flow “Quickie”

Our body is full of invisible pathways and ingenious circuit-systems that conduct energy and provide circulation to inner organs.  The main organ channels affected by fear are the Kidney and Bladder meridians.  They are located in the lower back and can be associated with chronic low back pain.  Pacifying fear is one way to harmonize the whole body and clear the mind. 

The Bladder meridian is long and can be one of the blocked channels leading to chronic shoulder blade pain.  Blockages here can lead to headaches and puffy ankles.  This simple hold clears the channel and soothes the stress. 

Left side Bladder Flow

• Right hand holds the Left side of the neck

• Left hand holds the Left side of the low back

This can be done more comfortable lying down in bed

Switch hands for Right side 

2. Self Help Fear-Buster

The Kidney channel goes through the little toe, this “fear-buster” is a good way to move the energy and diminish the power of fear.  The Kidney meridian holds the power of self-transformation. 

Harmonizing Fear

• Cross your Right ankle over your Left thigh in a “figure-four” shape

• Hold Right pinky toe with Left hand

• Right hand holds the arch of the Right foot.

3. Self Help Heart Hold

Holding ourselves is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and center our energy.  The main central channel of energy lives in front of the spine.  Here you can imagine a clear ray of golden light illuminating your spine as you activate this potent hold.

Heart Hold

• Right hand on center of the chest

• Left hand on low belly

Breathe for 36 rounds focusing your attention on the sensation of breath and the gentle movement of your body as you breathe.  

4. Self Help For Cross-Communication

Chronic pain from fear can get stuck on one side of the body.  This hold helps activate communication between your left and right sides.  This is a revitalizing hold that increases energy and focus.  

Cross-Communication Hold

• Right hand on Left shoulder

• Left hand on Right inner thigh

Switch hands for opposite side

5. Self Help Hold for Understanding

There is so much conflicting information out there that it can be overwhelming to understand and find what applies to you.  Digestion doesn’t just happen with food, it happens for us emotionally as well.  If you find yourself feeling emotionally overwhelmed, try this simple hold for digesting your experiences. 

• Simply cross your arms and hold opposite elbows or forearms.  

Practicing these holds will help you pacify fear in your body, therefore helping clear the mind.  When we calm the mind and body, we are giving ourselves signals that we are safe and protected.  This increases the immune system and contributes to whole-body health.  Ultimately, the antidote to fear is staying present and aware.  These five holds will help you build a new way to respond to the world rather than react.  It may even help you see another perspective and a way ahead towards thriving in a pandemic.|  

Hillery Woods is a licensed massage therapist, registered yoga teacher, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, and Ayurvedic wellness counselor.  In her practice located in Quakertown, she focuses on providing services for healthy aging through preventive, restorative and lifestyle wellness.