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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), communities can promote health equity and well-being by: 

  • Supporting equitable access to quality and affordable health and other social services–including education, housing, transportation, and childcare. 
  • Recognizing, respecting, and supporting the diversity of their community.
  • Sharing clear and accurate information tailored to the community’s languages, literacy levels, and cultures.
  • Including community engagement efforts to build trust and promote social connection. 
  • Engaging trusted leaders known by the community and who share the same race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and cultural or religious beliefs as the community to share information, collect input, or conduct outreach
  • Using clear, easy-to-read, accurate, transparent, and consistent information that is locally and culturally relevant in terms of language, messaging, tone, images, and format.
  • Working with others to address misinformation, myths, and lack of access. 

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